23 May 2015

Swaraj university admissions start

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If you are between 16 and 25, and ready to plan and carry out your own self-education and learning, here’s the best place to start:


22 May 2015

KFI Retreat for Post School Students

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The Valley School is planning to start a post school program at its campus in south India. Ashutosh Kalsi will be the coordinator for this program.

In this connection, KFI will be having a retreat in June for the students in the age group of 17-25. To apply for this program, please send an email to ashutosh@thevalleyschool.info or call at 9591799107.

The details of the program: Retreat for Mature Students.

17 Jan 2015

Indian Social Science Congress

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The focal theme of this year’s Congress – with which Multiversity is associated – will be “Knowledge Systems, Scientific Temper and the Indian People.”

The Congress will be held from March 29-April 02, 2015 at Visakhapatnam. It is organised by the Indian Academy of Social Sciences and Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, AP, India.

Please download the comprehensive brochure of the Congress.



14 Dec 2014

Decolonisation Conference

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Multiversity’s 7th Decolonisation Conference

Venue: University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
Jalan Broga, Semenyih, 43500 Selangor DE

Dates of the conference: 24th-27th January 2015

The conference is being held in collaboration with Nottingham University Malaysia Campus (NUMC) and USIM. It is proposed for funding by AKEPT of the Ministry of Education, Malaysia which has funded earlier “decolonisation” conferences.

Over the past decade, Multiversity has organised 6 international conferences on its Decolonisation Project. The 4th Conference was held in association with USIM, Penang; the 5th and 6th Conferences were held at AIU, Alor Setar, Kedah.

Biodatas of the persons attending the conference can be seen below:

Biodata NUMC 2015 FINAL LIST

For more information, look under “Conference” on this website’s home page.

14 Dec 2014

Epistemologies from the South

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Multiversity announces with pleasure the publication in English of the new title by Boaventura  de Sousa Santos, “Epistemologies of the South: Justice against Epistemicide”. A rare treat for those pursuing decolonising agendas in academia. Boaventura is one of few European social scientists who take social movements seriously. Order the book from:

FLYER_Santos – Epistemologies



14 May 2014

Gift Workshop on Photography

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2 Day DSLR Photography Workshop – Powered by Giftivism
(May 17 – 18, 2014)
We take great pleasure to announce our “Introduction to DSLR Photography Workshops” – powered by the spirit of Giftivism.http://www.birdwing.in/photography-workshops/

You’re welcome to pay whatever you want towards the cost of organising this workshop and to keep this initiative sustainable. What you pay will help us run this program on the same principle of gift culture for years to come. You decide the amount – there’s no compulsion. There is a refundable registration fee of ₹500/- though.

Email register@birdwing.in to block your spot.
What’ll we cover?

1. Camera Equipment – technology, what to buy and how to take care of your equipment
2. Exposure – master the triangle of aperture, ISO and shutter speed
3. Composition – the rules and when to break them
4. Digital Post Processing – learn Adobe Lightroom 5 in an afternoon
5. Feedback & Critique – for your images
6. Hands-on Learning – through a field trip
7. Flex-Time – for answers to all your digital photography questions

Venue: Shilton Royale, Koramangala, Bengaluru, India
Additional Inclusions: Lunch on both days. Breakfast on day 2.
Please spread the word. We have 16 spots for this event. 

16 Apr 2014

New Multiversity Book Released

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Multiversity and Other India Press are pleased to announce the release of their latest book, “Multicultural Knowledge and the University.” The book is edited by Claude Alvares. For more information, if you wish to order the book:


10 Mar 2014

Jinan on Natural Learning

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Three wonderful new videos on natural learning from K.B. Jinan. Enjoy!

1. The world, Nature awakens the child to its original nature

2. Reasoning short circuits comprehension

3. we become what we learn- exploring how language restructure our
cognitive structure

5 Mar 2014

Economics of Happiness 2014

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This conference supported by Multiversity will take place in Bangalore, India from March 14-16, 2014. The interaction with the public and all public events is restricted to the 15th only. The issues raised by Multiversity will figure prominently in the meeting. Other India Bookstore will also be displaying some of its titles. For more information:

7 Feb 2014

Homeschoolers Conference

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Here are details of the next all India Home Schoolers Conference being held at Khandala, near Mumbai, from February 21-25, 2014. You have to apply or register before February 15, 2014. It’s always been a great event for all those attending: for those who come to learn and for those who have much to share.